Tarun Tahiliani Couture

Tarun TahilianiAs the hunger for luxury continues to re-stake its hold in India, bejeweled luxe has found itself everywhere: on cards, on ornaments and, of course, on couture pieces. In this gilded age of sensory overload, new forms and shapes are making their way organically into the couture landscape. Hitherto unseen textures and forms are finding a new resonance with the younger generation — structure becomes key, colouration becomes more subtle, and a new gossamer style is borne.

Luxury does not have to be novel for the sake of being different. Rather, it must have an endurance and quality to pass into heirloom. For us, it is artisanal perfection combined with the recently acquired skills of pattern making and fit that is the first step. Our couture now combines the best of two worlds and, for those who partake of it, I hope the brand lives up to this promise with each piece that is made and delivered.

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